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Local matters

We’re big on giving back to the communities we’re part of and supporting issues that matter most to locals. To date, we’ve gifted over $7 million to 30,000+ local community groups, organisations and projects.

Apply for a local matters jar and let us fund the good deeds you’re doing in the community.

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What is Local matters?

Local Matters is our way of giving back to the communities Grill'd is part of, right around Australia.  Every month, each restaurant splits $500 between three groups doing amazing work in the community —and that’s where YOUR vote counts.    

Grill'd team member presenting a local matters group with their cheque.

Locals we've helped

Through Local Matters, we give $80,000 every month to groups across the country. Since 2011, Local Matters has donated over $7 million to 30,000+ local community groups, organisations and projects: 

  • Health & disability: $1,255,600  

  • Community service: $1,401,600  

  • Sport & recreation: $1,306,700  

  • Animals & environment: $773,800  

  • Youth service: $766,500  

Stories that matter

How it works

It’s easy! Order at Grill’d in-restaurant or online and you’ll get a token to vote for the cause closest to your heart. 

Big causes, Big impact

A few times a year, Local Matters goes national for a BIG cause we're passionate about. 

More ways we help

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Be a part of local matters

Is your group doing good in the community? Apply for a jar and join our Local Matters movement.